Honey Bee Cross Stitch

Hello Everybody!

I have a particularly exciting finished project to show you today. This one has been about a year in the making. It all started when I mentioned to my lovely, honey bee-obsessed husband, Evan, last Autumn that there was such a thing as honey bee cross stitch patterns. He was immediately intrigued so, one Google search later, we had ordered a cross stitch kit.

Bee Cross Stitch 1.jpg

When it arrived, I was very excited to begin working on it. My enthusiasm waned after I had been working on it for two or three days only to realize that I had been holding the symbol/color chart upside down the entire time. . . I had to rip everything out and start again. Needless to say, I was pretty upset with the whole thing. For my first cross stitch project this honey bee was probably extremely ambitious, but now I know I can tackle pretty much any cross stitch pattern!

Bee Cross Stitch 2.jpg

After that first mistake, things went along well enough. However, I found the black fabric very difficult to work on since it seemed to hide the colors as I was stitching. I eventually put this cross stitch away and it sat neglected for several weeks. I finally dug it back out sometime in June with the intention of finishing it in time for our wedding anniversary in mid July. It wasn't.

Bee Cross Stitch 3.jpg

I then decided to commit at least fifteen minutes a day to working on it. For the most part, I stuck to that and it helped so much! I began to be excited about it again as I saw it gradually growing. 

Bee Cross Stitch 4.jpg

It was completed, at long last, in late August. I was beyond relieved to have it done, and Evan was super excited to finally be able to hang it in his office. I covered the back of the embroidery hoop with some scrap honey bee fabric I had left over from making a curtain forever ago. 

Bee Cross Stitch 5.jpg
Bee Cross Stitch 6.jpg

Even though this honey bee cross stitch was fairly challenging and has taken me longer to finish than pretty much anything else I have made, it was absolutely worth it! Evan loves it and he is trying to convince me to make him another one. We'll see. . . In the meantime, cross stitching has definitely been added to my favorite crafts! I have plans for loads more in the not too distant future.