Junco - Mhera

Junco - Mhera


Junco is a variegated grey and white yarn inspired by the little bird of the same name. We put out a bird feeder just as it started getting colder. It took a few days, but we have had regular activity about it: mostly Juncos, but also a few cardinals.

*Recommended Patterns:

Pixel Rise - Kemper Wray

Mrs. Weasley's Family Socks - A Homespun House

This listing is for a 100 gram skein of fingering weight yarn.

357 yards/326 meters

80% Superwash Highland Wool/20% Polyamide

*Note: When selecting a pattern, keep in mind that superwash yarns can have a tendency to grow lengthwise. Be sure to knit and block a gauge swatch for any garments knit out of superwash yarns. Shawls need a less precise gauge than sweaters or cardigans since they are not fitted.

No two skeins are completely identical. If knitting a larger project like a shawl or sweater, it is recommended that you alternate between skeins every few rows.

Colors may vary slightly due to the difference between computer monitors.

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